Omar Harfouch, the artist at the heart of Peace

In the French capital, the 2024 World Peace Prize has just been awarded to Omar Harfouch, the renowned Lebanese pianist and composer. This distinction not only rewards his exceptional contributions to the world of music, but also underlines his profound commitment to combating anti-Semitism and racism. Such recognition, awarded in the presence of influential figures such as David Kaminski and Patriarch James III, highlights the scope of his action for peace.

Harfouch‘s career is marked by a childhood in Tripoli, Lebanon, where he was confronted with the brutal realities of war and inter-religious hatred. Far from succumbing to resentment, he chose to transform his pain into a driving force for peace, using his music as a bridge between cultures and beliefs.

Béziers – Concerto for Peace, Omar Harfouch at the piano

His contribution to music goes hand in hand with his social and humanitarian work. Previously celebrated in Dubai at the CAEL awards gala, Harfouch is recognised for his positive influence far beyond the borders of the Arab world, promoting a message of unity and mutual understanding.

The World Peace Prize is not the first honour to recognise his activism. His fight against corruption and his trial before the Lebanese military court reveal a courageous businessman, ready to defy oppressive norms and laws to defend freedom of expression and inter-religious dialogue. This legal battle underlines his refusal to submit to discriminatory bans, asserting that “humanity is the universal law”.

Paris – Omar Harfouch awarded the 2024 World Peace Prize

Omar Harfouch is a shining example of how music and civic engagement can intertwine to promote peace and justice. His life and work are a call to action for all those who aspire to a more harmonious world, where dialogue and mutual understanding prevail over conflict and division.