Omar Harfouch : An ode to peace at the CAEL AWARDS in Dubai

In the sumptuous surroundings of the Ritz Carlton in Dubai, the 11th edition of the prestigious CAEL AWARDS wove a memorable evening, brilliantly broadcast to an amazed public across the United Arab Emirates. The gala was a triumph of artistic and humanitarian commitment, bringing together a glittering array of celebrities and eminent figures from the Arab world.

Omar Harfouch, whose talent crosses borders from Lebanon to Europe, was the star of the evening, rewarded for his work “Save a life, you save humanity”, a composition for piano and orchestra that draws on the essence of peace. This masterful piece, performed in such symbolic venues as the European Commission in Brussels, resonated like a vibrant call for harmony and solidarity.

Dubai – Omar Harfouch receives his award at the 11th edition of the prestigious CAEL AWARDS

The ceremony was enhanced by the presence of personalities such as Sultan Abdel Latif, a leading figure in the Saudi business world, and Maria Boudouaya, crowned Miss Arab World 2024, adding to the prestige of the event. Talent from the Netflix series “Dubai Bling” also added their sparkle to the evening, illustrating the richness and diversity of the Arab world.

Harfouch’s performance moved the audience, particularly with “Tripoli”, an echo of his Lebanese roots, underlining the importance of identity and memory in the quest for peace. The honouring of figures such as Dima Jamali and Tony Khalifa was a reminder that the CAEL AWARDS are not just a celebration of art, but also a tribute to efforts to promote better understanding and coexistence between peoples.

Dubai – Composer Omar Harfouch unveils his new musical work to the public

Harfouch’s “Piano for Peace” world tour promises to inspire and unite, heralding concerts that will transcend borders, culminating in a performance at the UN on International Peace Day.