Dubai vertical farm: A fully operational farm in the middle of the desert

For the past few years, the United Arab Emirates has expressed its desire to decrease its imports. The country is pushing to reduce its dependence as they import 90% of their food, which could cause numerous problems in times of crisis. To address this issue, Dubai vertical farm can thrive even in the middle of the desert.

Efficient, healthy, and sustainable vegetable production

In this technological gem, vegetables are produced all year round. For now, spinach and Batavia lettuce are being grown. Despite being located in the middle of the desert, this vertical farm can produce crops all year round, regardless of the season.

“We produce all year round, without any cycles or interruptions. Here, there is no winter or summer, we provide all the time.”

The vegetables are fed with water and nutrients that the plants need to grow. They are provided with light through artificial lamps within the farm.

When observing these plants, you can notice that their roots are white, a sign of healthy vegetation. Apart from optimal growing conditions, these plants grow without pesticides.

The only problem for the Dubai vertical farm that may arise is the lack of water in such a desert region. This is why irrigation is entirely controlled by computers and calculated to the drop to optimize the efficiency of this vertical farm.

The lettuce tastes good and is apparently as nutritious as conventionally grown lettuce. Could we then completely transition to this style of agriculture?

Unfortunately, the United Arab Emirates is still hindered by the financial cost that comes with such technology, as well as the lack of space. Nonetheless, it is a great initiative taken by the country, one that, even if costly, remains very efficient and healthy.

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