U.A.E launches new project to further develop industrial and technological sectors

The United Arab Emirates has once again decided to launch an initiative in the Emiratization project. This would allow the emirates of the country to increase their competitiveness and efficiency in the industrial, technological, and private sectors.

A memorandum : the “Industrial Program”

The United Arab Emirates continue on their path towards improvement and perfectionism. Indeed, it was on Sunday, March 12, 2023, that the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Human Resources, and the Emirati Council for Talent Competitiveness met.

The different ministries have put in place a diplomatic note that will allow them to better train Emirati talents and create more qualified jobs in the industrial sector.

The Emirati Council for Talent Competitiveness cites that industrial and technological fields are their priorities. As these are sustainable and relevant fields in the long term, they say they want to increase the quality of their young talent, as well as better train them to meet the expectations of major companies.

By doing so, the council believes it can also attract local and international investors and achieve two goals at once.

What does this memorandum entail?

The Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Human Resources, as well as the Emirati Council for Talent Competitiveness, will launch a national campaign as soon as possible with the aim of creating local industrial jobs. The three parties will work together to achieve this goal.

The two ministries will establish an information exchange process on Emiratization and link it to a certification, while the Talent Competitiveness Council will fund the project for individuals who meet the eligibility criteria and standards.

One of the council members highlights the crucial importance of cooperation between the various entities for the success of this reform.

“Collaboration between government entities is a positive and effective indicator in support of initiatives that empower national talent in the fields of advanced industry and technology.”

“All our efforts are aimed at supporting the objectives of this memorandum of understanding, including Nafis’ (Emirati Council for Talent Competitiveness) unique initiatives, which join other national initiatives, such as the value in the country program, to support Emirati talent in the private sector.”

The Emiratization project continues to gain momentum. The different emirates are optimistic about the professional development of their country.

The emirates once again prove their leadership on the theme of education in the Persian Gulf.