Dubai Police report lower crime rates in the UAE in 2023

Dubai is considered a safe city for travelers and expatriates. The local authorities have seen a decline in crime rates due to the implementation of effective security measures to prevent violent crime, robberies and assaults. The city also has a sophisticated video surveillance system and a strong police presence to ensure public safety.

Police see drop in crime rates

Dubai Police reported a 25% drop in serious crimes and a 7.1% drop in “non-alarming” crimes in the first three months of 2023 compared to the previous year. In addition, complaints against strangers decreased by 14%.

Dubai: a city known for its safety

The city of Dubai is ranked in the top 10 of the safest cities in the world, other cities like Abu Dhabi, Doha and Sharjah are also included. When it comes to a regional ranking, the emirate ranks 6th. Dubai continues to strengthen its position in the ranking among the safest cities. Dubai is also considered the safest city in the world for women traveling alone.

The future of security in Dubai

Dubai Police uses cutting-edge technologies such as AI and big data to improve the safety of residents and visitors. Since 2017, they have implemented programs that can predict crimes before they occur, identifying the time and location of those crimes. In addition, the Dubai Police signed an agreement with 10 banks in April to enhance financial security. With these technologies and their ability to act quickly, the police have been able to make arrests within hours. The police department also became the first government center in the emirate to receive a six-star rating for their innovative use of technology.