If you live in DUBAI, Drones will deliver your food next year

In a remarkable technological leap forward, Dubai is poised to revolutionize its last-mile delivery system by introducing autonomous drones for swift and efficient order deliveries. The project, slated to launch next year, aims to provide a faster and more convenient delivery experience for consumers, reducing the reliance on traditional human delivery services.

During the recent Gitex Global 2023 event, attendees were offered a tantalizing glimpse of this futuristic delivery method, wherein orders for meals and drinks were placed and received in under four minutes thanks to the drone delivery system. This groundbreaking project was jointly demonstrated by Dubai-based FEDS Drone-powered Solutions (FEDS) and the Chinese company Meituan UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems).

The Benefits of Drone Delivery

According to Rabih Bou Rached, the founder and CEO of FEDS, drone delivery is poised to outpace traditional human delivery methods in terms of speed and efficiency. Drones offer a unique advantage because they can bypass ground traffic, allowing orders to be fulfilled in record time. Furthermore, this autonomous system is not subject to congestion and delays typically associated with human delivery personnel. As such, the order fulfillment process is significantly expedited, promising a superior level of service.

Pilot Project and Future Prospects

While full-scale, citywide drone delivery operations are expected to materialize within the next two years, the initial phase involves establishing a pilot test area within a residential community characterized by low-rise buildings. This pilot project is scheduled to become operational by next year, allowing residents to experience the convenience of drone deliveries firsthand. Initially, between 10 and 20 drones will be deployed during the trial period. However, the potential for hundreds of drones to be utilized in a citywide operation is on the horizon.

Drone Specifications

The autonomous drones are equipped with impressive specifications that make them suitable for various delivery tasks. These drones are outfitted with six rotors and have a compact size, measuring 1370 X 1370 X 450 mm. They boast a payload capacity of up to 2.5 kilograms, making them capable of delivering family-size meals and other goods. To ensure uninterrupted communication, the drones rely on a combination of 5G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, allowing them to operate within a 10-kilometer radius. With a climbing velocity of up to 10 meters per second and a descent speed of 6 meters per second, these drones are designed for swift and efficient delivery. They can detect obstacles up to 50 meters ahead and 15 meters above, making them exceptionally safe to operate.

Environmental Adaptability

The drones are engineered to handle a variety of environmental conditions. They can operate in moderate rain and function efficiently within a temperature range spanning from -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. This adaptability ensures that drone deliveries remain consistent even in adverse weather conditions.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Certification

One crucial step in expanding drone delivery capabilities is obtaining certification for “Beyond Visual Line of Sight” (BVLOS) operations. BVLOS certification allows drones to operate at distances beyond the direct visual range of the human pilot. Meituan UAS has been a pioneer in developing and deploying drone delivery solutions, focusing on providing services within a 15-minute radius for users located within three kilometers. With a track record of over 184,000 successful deliveries of meals, drinks, and other daily necessities in China since 2021, the company has emerged as a leading provider of drone delivery services.

Dubai’s Preparations

Dubai Municipality (DM) has made significant strides in preparing the city for widespread drone deliveries. During the Gitex Global event, DM officials announced their efforts to map the airspace in the city. This mapping will help identify optimal routes and landing locations for drones, ensuring the efficient and safe integration of drone delivery services. The completion of this exercise in Dubai Silicon Oasis serves as a testament to Dubai’s commitment to adopting innovative technologies, with plans to extend similar preparations to the entire city.


Dubai’s embrace of autonomous drone delivery services is poised to revolutionize the last-mile delivery experience for consumers. The strategic partnership between FEDS and Meituan UAS demonstrates the commitment of both local and international stakeholders to enhancing convenience, efficiency, and speed in the delivery of goods and services. With cutting-edge drone technology and regulatory preparations in place, Dubai is set to redefine the future of last-mile delivery, making it a faster, more efficient, and environmentally friendly experience for residents and visitors alike.