The international driving license in the UAE, who can drive?

The International Driving License in Dubai, is an important document for tourists traveling abroad as it allows them to drive legally in the countries they visit. Emiratis and expatriates with a valid driver’s license can also obtain an IDL to drive vehicles outside the UAE.

In the UAE, foreign drivers with an International Driving license can temporarily drive a motor vehicle, whether it is a car, motorcycle or light truck. This allows foreign visitors or temporary residents to enjoy the freedom of driving in the country without having to pass local driving tests.

However, it is important to note that the rules and regulations of driving in the UAE may differ considerably from those in your home country, so it is essential to familiarize yourself with the local laws before getting behind the wheel.

The International Driving license in Dubai

The Dubai International Driving Permit is an important document for visitors to the country who wish to drive here. It is valid for one year and in all countries that a tourist wants to visit. It is a convention between the United Nations and the United Arab Emirates and other countries that recognize this license, so it means that people who want to drive in the territory must have it.

For a person living in the UAE wanting an international driving license in dubai, whether local or expatriate with a valid driving license can get it for AED 200, or 49.35 euros. Tourists and holders of tourist visas cannot obtain it on the territory, they must have applied for it before coming to the country. The International Driving license be used in all countries except the one where the person usually resides, and it is important to note that it cannot be issued to drivers with a provisional title.

It is possible to drive a rental car, to do so, holders must have their international driving license and “the approval of the insurance company”.

“The primary function of the IDL is to allow law enforcement and other authorities in other countries to read your license in their own language.” explained

How to get a driver’s license in the United Arab Emirates?

How to get a driver's license in the United Arab Emirates in 2023?
How to get a driver’s license in the United Arab Emirates in 2023?

To obtain a driver’s license in the UAE, residents must complete the following steps: obtain a residency permit, pass a medical exam, take driving lessons and pass a road test. The process may vary depending on your country of origin and the category of license you wish to obtain. It is important to learn about the specific requirements and allow enough time for the application process. Once you have your driver’s license, be sure to follow the rules of the road to ensure safety on UAE roads.

Driving on Dubai’s roads

Driving in Dubai is both strict and unique; the roads are divided into 6 lanes, fines are received by phone the minute you commit the infraction and their price is very high, there are speed cameras every 1.5 kilometers. Also be careful at red lights, where, unlike in France, it is allowed to make a U-turn, make sure you are in the right lane to make your U-turn safely.

Cars are driven on the right side of the road as in France and the traffic rules are also the same, except for the signs which are written in Arabic and English.

The driving of local people can be aggressive and dangerous if you are not used to it, so you must constantly be on your guard and not be influenced if drivers want to race their beautiful cars.