Dubai Islands Beach: The pet beach in Dubai that will welcome all your little friends

Pet owners can now safely enjoy the sun with their furry friends. So, come and check out this new pet beach in Dubai and create unforgettable memories with your pets!

Dubai is a pet-friendly city with many places available for pets. In addition to the new pet beach in Jumeirah, dogs can also enjoy dog parks and dog cafes where they can socialize and play with other dogs. There are also many pet-friendly hotels and resorts, as well as pet care centers and grooming services. Dubai is a city that is committed to making life as pet-friendly as possible. Come enjoy all that Dubai has to offer you and your pet!

Pet owners in Dubai now have a new place to take their four-legged friends to swim and play. Recently, a pet beach was inaugurated in Jumeirah, offering dogs and other pets exclusive access to the beach. This pet beach is further proof that Dubai is a pet-friendly city.

The Pet Beach in Dubai Islands

The Dubai Islands Beach for pets has just opened and is the first family beach to allow pets to swim in the water, making it particularly suitable for families. It offers a unique experience for sea and nature lovers

Compared to other beaches that only allow pets at certain times and places on the beach, Dubai Islands Beach is open to everyone at any time. It is open to the public since recently, accessible by road and water where boat owners and matches can position themselves at the Nakheel Marina Dubai Islands and is open from sunrise to sunset.

In addition, thanks to partner Blue Safari, the beach will offer several water activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and more.

“Pet owners can look forward to spending quality time with their dogs, without having to travel far to access dog-friendly venues. The brand new beach destination will be fully operational with dining concepts and other activities by the end of the year,” said a Nakheel representative.

Dubai’s beaches, an unavoidable destination to visit with your dogs

The UAE is known for its beautiful building but also for its white sandy beaches and clear waters; the most popular public beaches are Kite Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Sunset Beach in Dubai, Corniche Beach in Abu Dhabi and Al Mamzar Beach Park in Sharjah. Private beaches are also very popular, with residents of nearby hotels and residences having free access to them or paying an entrance fee for non-residents.

The main visitors come from all over the world to these beaches to practice water activities such as the very popular jet-skiing especially to enjoy the view of the Burj Al-Arab, but also others such as scuba diving, beach sailing, kayaking or parasailing.

The beaches are generally very safe and clean. It is important to note that some beaches have rules to respect such as dress code and the company of animals.