New petrol and diesel prices in the UAE for June 2023 announced

Gasoline and diesel prices for June 2023 have been announced by the Gasoline and Diesel Price Monitoring Committee in the United Arab Emirates. These prices reflect the constant evolution of the global energy market and its impact on local fuel costs.

According to the information provided by the committee, the new tariffs show an increase compared with the previous month. For Super 98 gasoline, the price will now be 2.63 dirhams per liter, compared with 2.59 dirhams in May. Special 95 petrol will now cost 2.51 dirhams a liter, compared with 2.48 dirhams in May. Diesel will cost 2.76 dirhams a liter, up from 2.71 dirhams in May. These increases are part of a general rise in energy prices worldwide. Fluctuating crude oil prices on the global market have a direct impact on fuel prices in the UAE, as the country adopted a market-based fuel pricing policy in 2015.

This means that fuel prices are now directly linked to movements in the global oil market. This more accurately reflects the economic realities of the energy sector and encourages more efficient and rational use of fuel. It is important to note that these rates remain competitive with those charged in many other countries. This increase in fuel prices reflects a general trend in the global energy market and is influenced by many factors, including oil production and consumption levels, exchange rate fluctuations and geopolitical developments.

The Gasoline and Diesel Price Monitoring Committee will continue to monitor market trends and adjust rates accordingly, in line with best practice and consumer interests.