Abu Dhabi Launches Emirati Competitor to ChatGPT with 40 Billion Parameters

The Falcon LLM model, the Emirati competitor to ChatGpt sets a new benchmark in data analysis, offering unparalleled data quality through an innovative approach based on Hoffmann’s scaling laws. Developed with great rigor by a team of internationally renowned researchers, the Falcon LLM 40B model has been praised for its outstanding performance in the field of knowledge economy.

Falcon LLM 40B: The innovative language that ensures a prosperous future for the United Arab Emirates.

Falcon LLM is a cutting-edge natural language model developed by researchers at Khalifa University in the United Arab Emirates. Trained on Hoffmann’s scaling laws, it uses large-scale data to improve the quality of its predictions. This model was developed to address the growing need for artificial intelligence in various fields, including finance, engineering, and social sciences. The groundbreaking Falcon LLM 40B project has been lauded for its potential to foster prosperity and progress in the United Arab Emirates, as well as around the world. The relentless efforts of the Falcon LLM development team have resulted in an exceptionally accurate and high-performing model, poised to become a tool of choice for businesses and organizations worldwide.

Indeed, the data quality generated by Falcon LLM is impressive, allowing businesses and organizations to make informed decisions based on reliable and accurate data. This unprecedented data quality is the result of a combination of several factors, such as the expertise of the research team and the rigor of the methodology used to collect and analyze the data.

Ebtesam Almazroui, director of the cross-center AI unit at AIDRC and project lead for LLM, stated:

This achievement is a testament to the forward-thinking approach of the United Arab Emirates and the importance they place on innovation and technology. The development of this model is part of our effort to realize the country’s economic vision and strategic plan, “We the UAE 2031.”

With Falcon LLM as a flagship LLM model, the United Arab Emirates can maintain their leading position in the knowledge economy. This model represents a valuable asset for businesses and organizations looking to analyze large volumes of data in real-time while ensuring the quality and reliability of this data.

By fostering progress and prosperity, Falcon LLM 40B contributes to the economic growth of the United Arab Emirates and the region as a whole. This innovative model will continue to make its mark on the world of data analysis and the digital economy.

The United Arab Emirates, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence: an ambitious strategy and groundbreaking initiatives.

For several years, the UAE has positioned itself as a key player in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The country has implemented an ambitious strategy to make this technology a central pillar of its economy and society.

This commitment is evidenced by the creation of a dedicated AI ministry and massive investments in research and development of cutting-edge technologies. The Emirates have established centers of excellence and AI incubators, organized robotics competitions, and launched AI training and education programs.

The National Council for Artificial Intelligence, established in 2017, is responsible for providing recommendations on public policies related to AI and promoting collaboration between the public and private sectors to develop this technology.

Falcon LLM 40B, one of the flagship models in AI, is proof of the United Arab Emirates’ commitment to innovation and economic growth. With these groundbreaking initiatives, the Emirates have clearly demonstrated their position as a global leader in AI.

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