Trevor Noah in Dubai: he announces his comedy tour “Off the Record

Trevor Noah in Dubai: the American presenter, comedian and actor. He is embarking on a worldwide show for the first time since the end of his career as a presenter. His first shows were so successful in France, the USA and the UK that seats are not available, so “extra-shows” are being added due to his success.

The return of comedian Trevor Noah to Dubai

Since his departure last December, Trevor Noah is looking to rediscover himself “I miss learning other languages, going to other countries and putting on shows,” he says.

However, the return of the American presenter Noah to the UAE is not the most surprising, since during his last participation in the Culture Summit at the Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi, he said “I always loved coming here.”

During Trevor Noah‘s last visit to the UAE, he announced that the country was always looking for novelty and development and that he had already been interested in it for several years. “After many, many years, I’ve loved seeing a place take on its identity, its shape and develop over time.” he said.

“Wow! Paris is sold out! Second show added with tickets available immediately!” and now he’s gearing up for the Dubai tour.

Trevor Noah’s show in the UAE

Comedian Trevor Noah will bring his “Off the Record” tour to Dubai on October 3 at the Coca-Cola Arena. Tickets will go on sale online starting Friday, May 5 at 12pm. Ticket prices range from AED 295 to AED 495.

After seven years as host of The Daily Show, host Noah is retiring and embarking on a comedy tour that seeks to expose the world’s most pressing issues.

Noah resumes his comedy career

Trevor Noah presented for 7 years the evening show “The daily show” to which he owes his success today. After retiring from his career as a television presenter, “Off the Record” is the first solo project for the 39 year old Trevor. “It’s something I didn’t expect,” he says.