National Sports Day Celebrated in UAE

More than 70,000 people participated in the eighth edition of National Sports Day in the United Arab Emirates, held on March 2 under the slogan “The Emirates Unite Us” in several emirates across the country. The main event took place at the headquarters of the Shabab Al-Ahli Club, a subsidiary of Al Nahda in Dubai, and attracted participants of all ages as well as public and sports personalities.

The opening march of the event was presented by leading figures, including the Secretary-General of the General Authority for Sports, the head of the National Sports Day management team, and representatives from the National Olympic Committee. The event also included the planting of a Ghaf tree on the sidelines and the collection of used sports clothes as part of a new sustainability initiative.

At the Al-Ahli club headquarters, students were able to participate in activities such as fitness shows, football, basketball, and volleyball matches. The Olympic Committee team won the National Sports Day Cup in the football competition. Taking advantage of these activities, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection organized examinations and instructions for participants, as well as the distribution of educational brochures on the prevention of various diseases.

National Sports Day is an important event for the United Arab Emirates, which aims to establish a sports culture in society in accordance with government directives. The event also helps to strengthen the presence of sports as an important factor of soft power and promote sports as a way of life for all segments of society. National Sports Day confirms the ability of the sports sector to play an effective role in supporting government sustainability directives by educating athletes and various society groups on the importance of sustainability and ways to improve its respect.

The Ministry of Interior, which was present at the event, emphasized the importance of sports in society and encouraged sustainability initiatives in sports gatherings, such as the use of eco-friendly bicycles.

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