La Concorde Magazine: A Cultural Bridge between France and the Emirates

Creating bridges between France and the United Arab Emirates, our magazine promotes projects and personalities. Offering an elegant and powerful exposure on paper, we strengthen intercultural links and unveil shared wealth.

La Concorde Magazine is dedicated to revealing the true face of the Emirates. Our core mission is to build a strong cultural bridge between France and the Emirates, highlighting the most authentic aspects of these two fascinating nations.

We explore a diverse range of topics, from culture to education to tourism, while featuring exclusive interviews with local personalities, French expatriates and French speakers based in the region. La Concorde Magazine is committed to dispelling clichés and revealing the magnificent synergy and shared history between the United Arab Emirates and France.

Our media, which extends beyond the pages of our magazine to also encompass a dynamic presence on social networks, is designed to captivate an affluent and discerning audience. With rich, insightful content, La Concorde Magazine doesn’t just report the facts; we weave stories that illuminate, inspire and celebrate the cultural union between these two exceptional countries.