Rent in the UAE with Keyper: “Rent now and pay later

Keyper the real estate investment platform for rent in the UAE, is going to revolutionize the rental system in UAE. No more late payments or unpaid rent with this invention that will change the life of landlords

Monthly rents in Dubai, the new era of renting

The real estate investment platform and soon to be rental payment service Keyper will allow tenants in Dubai to make secure monthly payments to make it easier for them to manage payments through a credit card. The program is called “rent now pay later” (RNPL). This program will facilitate the payment of rent in Dubai over twelve months like most countries.

In addition, future users of this program which will be launched in July 2023, tenants will have the option to divide the annual rent payment by four for example. On the other hand, for payments over twelve months a premium will be charged for this option, but it will only depend on the expectations of the owner. Keyper will charge for this option to compensate for the additional costs of managing the monthly payment process.

When the landlord accepts this contract, the lease is digitally signed and the tenant’s credit card information is collected in order to process the payment. If the contractor withdraws during the year while the commitment is still in progress, the Keyper platform will use the contract termination standards and initiate the notice period.

To be a beneficiary of this new program, one must register on the waiting list of tenants. Thus, thanks to this start-up, landlords will be able to retain their clients and thus reduce unpaid rent.

Keyper: from investments to Rent in the UAE

Keyper is an American real estate investment and online rental management company. It was founded in 2017 by Omar Abu Innab and Ali Shihabi, their goal being to facilitate and change the rental world between contracting parties.

The app allows landlords to manage the online rental and those step by step, from posting the ads to talking to the customer to managing the financial transactions.

The company has had the help of several investors since the year 2020 as Matrix Partners, NFX and Village Global, they have received 20 million dollars of support.