Dubai Airport : modernizing for the future

Dubai airport is considered among the largest, most modern and most beautiful in the world. They offer a quality travel experience with its latest modern technological facilities equipped with artificial intelligence.

The AI enabled Dubai airport

Dubai, which has two airports in its city, DXB International Airport and DWB Central Airport, will be upgrading with state-of-the-art AI-enabled security and control systems. The city known for its technological advances, has implemented its systems manufactured by the company Saab in the airports to facilitate the work of air traffic controllers by gathering radar and flight data in the same place.

The main idea of the implementation of these security devices with artificial intelligence is to consider potential accidents, in order to better focus on managing passengers and travelers.

“To help prepare for potential incidents and manage traffic flows in the terminals,” said David Shomar, vice president of civil security at Saab

The vice president says that these devices are made to help with air traffic control, but also so that the main airport of Dubai (DXB) can exceed the flow of passenger traffic this year to exceed that of 2019 even though since the beginning of this year, it seems to have touched 95.6% of its traffic.

DXB airport ranked among the best in the world

The DXB airport or its full name Dubai International Airport, it is the main airport of the city of Dubai. It is also considered one of the largest and most modern in terms of technology and logistics in the world. With more than 21.2 million passengers at the beginning of 2023, it is one of the busiest and most famous airports in the world, with a total of 89 million passengers expected by the end of the year. Served by 140 companies that connect it to nearly 270 destinations worldwide.

It is offering its travelers a taste of the luxurious pleasure that the city provides, its remarkable facility and its incredible architecture are spread over 7,200 acres of land.