The partnership between the RTA and the WLP

The partnership between the RTA and the WLP is supported by the Government of Dubai and several ports and free zones around the world have already joined the WLP network. The WLP is an innovative solution that has the potential to transform global trade and represents a significant step towards creating a more connected and integrated global economy.

The RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) and the WLP (World Logistics Passport) are partnering on a Dubai-led program to maximize international trade and openness to global markets. The agreement aims to facilitate transactions and trade in the country, as well as minimize costs.

The objective of this agreement is to enhance Dubai’s position and growth as a global logistics and commercial transportation hub, to develop its growth and customer vision by providing outstanding services, initiatives and incentive programs on a global scale. The protocol also maximizes the operations of member companies through combined programs and information management to attract investors from around the world.

RTA-WLP partnership aims to strengthen Dubai’s position as a global logistics hub

By working together, the RTA and the WLP aim to facilitate global trade by reducing barriers and providing additional benefits to companies that choose to do business in Dubai. Companies can benefit from shorter transit times, reduced customs fees, more efficient document management and access to special free zones.

The partnership between the RTA and the WLP also facilitates cooperation between international business partners. Partners can take advantage of priority processing and customized services through the connectivity of ports and free trade zones around the world.

The partnership between RTA and WLP is an example of Dubai’s commitment to improving transportation and logistics services for businesses and consumers around the world. The city continues to invest in infrastructure and technology to support business expansion, spur economic growth and create new jobs for local people.

The ease of public transportation in Dubai

Public transportation in Dubai is managed by the RTA and covers a multitude of options such as cabs, subways, buses, streetcars. This transportation is modern, well-developed and well-connected, making it easy for residents to get around, but also for tourists, as all directions in the city are in English.

The metro is the best served transport in Dubai, it has two lines; the red one that connects the airport and Jebel Ali district with its 29 stations and the green one that connects the Dubai Healthcare City district and Dubai Marina with its 20 stations. The two lines intersect at Union Station and Burjuman Station. The metro, like other public transport, has women’s and children’s cars and mixed cars, and they are all air-conditioned. It usually runs between 5 a.m. and midnight, but times may change depending on city events.

The tramway runs along Jumeirah Beach and offers passengers a beautiful panoramic view of the sea. The buses, which serve nearly 100 destinations around the city and operate in the same way, are as well served as the metro. The price of a ticket is AED 3, but differs depending on the station you stop at. Tickets can be purchased at the stations and can be used on any transport in the city.

Cabs remain the most popular and easy-to-use transportation for residents and tourists. They can be easily found on the street or ordered via dedicated apps. Accessible to all, they offer a comfortable and safe ride to their customers.