The Emirates rank third in the world in terms of confidence

The United Arab Emirates ranks third in the world in terms of trust in government, reflecting the stability and effectiveness of its administration. This high level of trust is rooted in solid governance, effective policies and transparent management. This level of trust also reflects the security and prosperity that citizens and residents associate with the UAE government.

Strong and effective governance, public trust

According to a report by Edelman Trust Barometer, a global non-governmental organisation, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ranks third in the world when it comes to trust in government. Reaching a trust score of 80% in 2023, this position testifies to the effectiveness and solidity of the UAE’s administration. Public trust is underpinned by stable and transparent governance, significant investment in sectors such as education, health and infrastructure, and effective management of the COVID-19 crisis.

This confidence is the result of the UAE’s strong and transparent governance, which has succeeded in establishing stability and security while promoting economic growth and development. The government’s policies are focused on improving the quality of life for citizens and residents, with significant investment in areas such as education, health and infrastructure.

A secure country

The United Arab Emirates ensures rigorous law enforcement to keep crime levels low. Its highly trained and visible police force is a key factor in deterring crime. The UAE invests heavily in national security, including traditional defence, cyber security and advanced surveillance technologies. The country’s immigration and visa policies are strict, carefully controlling the entry of individuals. The UAE government adopts a zero tolerance policy towards terrorism and implements draconian security measures to counter violent extremism. By working closely with other nations and international organisations to combat crime, the UAE is strengthening its national security. Finally, it has robust contingency plans to deal with a range of dangerous situations, from natural disasters to health crises and security threats.