Discover UAE Cuisine during this Emirati Culinary Contest

As with water sports and local culture celebrated during the Al Dhafrah Festival, the city of Abu Dhabi has also decided to showcase a facet of its UAE cuisine, Emirati culinary expertise. Through a series of events and contests, the city is introducing the local cuisine of the Arabian Peninsula to its residents. The goal of this contest is also to preserve Emirati culinary traditions and pass them on to future generations.

A Monumental Culinary Contest for the UAE Cuisine

The culinary competition, which will take place annually, will be held at the pavilion of the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation at the Sheikh Zayed Festival Heritage Village.

While the event is certainly geared towards the local population, it does not neglect visitors of all nationalities who might be enticed by a bit of culinary exploration.

For 12 days, competitors will cook dishes specific to Emirati culinary culture for fans and enthusiasts of Emirati cuisine. Among the competitors will be local chefs and gastronomy professionals.

The competition will be based on 8 contests that will take place over 12 days, during which the participants will judge and rate the various dishes, and a final deliberation will be given on the 12th day.

Competitors will be able to choose from 8 Emirati dishes, and will ensure that they respect the authentic ingredients and flavors that have been typical of these dishes in the past. Each of these dishes represents a competition: Al Jami, Al Memroosa, Al Khadid, Al Thwaba, Al Bzar, Al Qoras, Al Ajar and Al Yaqat.

There is no doubt that these dishes will impress more than one tourist… Bon appétit!

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